Worldschooling Outside Andalucia

Want to know more about Worldschooling in general and to find out about just some of the amazing things going on for Worldschoolers around the globe? Here are just a few resources to start you on your journey and to give you a glimpse into events outside of Andalucia for Worldschoolers.

What is Worldschooling?

New to Worldschooling and traveling as a family? Here are some great resources to learn more about how other families Worldschool.

Homeschooling Global Summit (17th to 29th June 2019)

Go behind the scenes with 40+ world-class Teachers, Experts, Tutors and homeschooled families to explore the future of education for teens and pre-teens.

Camp Drago Freelearning Worldschoolers Camp – Romania (22nd June to 22nd July 2019)

Homeschoolers, unschoolers, roadschoolers, worldschoolers or any kind of schoolers, already being or in progress, from Romania and abroad. Please come to our festival only if you are interested in alternative education

if you join our festival you will  meet like-minded friends, meet homeschooling families from other countries, make new friends, exchange homeschooling experiences, pass on the enthusiasm originating from personal achievements, counseling, explore new places and live new adventures, make new memories and connections within the HS/US community.

Worldschooling & International Unschooling Family Retreat in Czech Republic (12th to 21st July 2019)

Join other international families at the Worldschooling Summer Camp on 12th – 21st July 2019 in Czech Republic. Main language will be English. They are looking for pro-active people who like to participate, would like to offer their activities, knowledge, skills or experiences to share with other participants and looking for another similar open-minded respectful people. Read more about this event by clicking below.

F.A.C.E. – Festival of Alternatives in Creativity and Education (August 18th to 25th 2019)

FACE (Festival of Alternatives in Creativity and Education) is a gathering of students, families, teachers, creatives, activists, artists, performers, dreamers and anyone else interested in exploring creative and educational alternatives in a friendly, open environment.

This annual summer event takes place in La Chopera, Ugena, Spain, from August 18 to 25, and combines various creative arts with unschooling, free schools, democratic schools, people who desire to change the conventional school system, creative workshops, and various other aspects of educational alternatives in a stimulating celebration of diversity and community.

European Unschooling Conference – Netherlands (August 22nd to 24th 2019)

With inspirational speakers on the topics of Unschooling, Natural Living, Natural Birth, Babywearing, Peaceful Parenting, Legalities of homeschooling, Healing from our Childhood, Veganism, Children’s Rights, and Entrepreneurship, the European Unschooling Conference is an experience that will enrich your family life in every way and raise your consciousness.  

This is an event that your children will LOVE! They will be among their tribe of free, respected kids, learning and growing together at an event they will want to return to every year. There will be activities such as fairy house building, nature hikes, crafts with natural materials, yoga, a talent show, dancing, and many other child-led activities that they create and we facilitate! Unschooling and peaceful, respectful parenting is on the leading edge of thought and is shifting the planet towards a more peaceful world.

More European Worldschooling Festivals

For those of you already planning your worldschooling summer, there are already plenty of gatherings and festivals announced in England, but also other places in Europe….Have fun exploring and planning!!!

A World of Parents

For globally-minded parents: a fabulous international group called “A World of Parents” which brings together parents from all over the world to discuss all aspects of being a parent from different cultural perspectives with the aim of helping each other raise the healthiest & happiest kids! Check it out!

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