Our kids (and adults) especially enjoy collaborating with other Worldschoolers, so we have a lovely range of
Workshops and Projects for our Members. Harnessing the amazing talent in our local community and in the Worldschooling traveling family, we are thrilled to be able to tap into that talent and offer workshops throughout the year, on a one-off and on-going basis.

Membership is required to join WorldSchool Hub Andalucia Workshops. Learn more about how to join us here:

Teen Innovation and Entrepreneurial Workshop Series

Join fellow Worldschooling teens in Andalucia and online to learn how to take your ideas and dreams and make them a reality. Learn how to be an innovator and an inspired entrepreneur. Learn from the experts. All genres of passions and interests welcome.

Kitchen Window to the World – Cooking & Culture

A delicious course of culture, history, natural history, geography, music and language for pre-teens & teens, with a backdrop of cooking vegan and vegetarian food.

Graffiti Art

Come to this special workshop with Worldschooling mama, Zoe LeVack and have a blast making your own Graffiti Art in true Banksy style.
Using stencils and sprays participants will create their own works of graffiti art on big surfaces like canvas or wood. Preteens & Teens Workshops.

Fashion Fabulousness – Clothing Customization

Learn how to customise your favourite old clothes, in particular denim…. Be Fabulous! For PreTeens & Teens.


Join Damian as he shares practical skills in woodworking with kids and adults alike. 

Teen Artist’s Meet Up

Are you a teen artist, or interested in drawing? Want to connect with other like-minded teens? Come join this weekly meet up where participants can discuss art, draw, socialise and flip through sketchbooks if you so desire!  Great for anyone who likes to draw, regardless of skill level!  A supportive environment to celebrate your interests and connect with like-minded others. Mature Preteens welcome also.

Alexander Technique 

The Alexander Technique is a method that works to change (movement) habits in our everyday activities.
It is a simple and practical method for improving ease and freedom of movement, balance, support and coordination.

Teen Writer’s Meet Up

Calling all storytellers, writers and creators of worlds and characters! We are excited to bring our Worldschooling teens weekly meetup for anyone aged 13+ who wants to get into writing or enjoys storytelling. You are invited to come to learn and further your writing, as we discuss and swap advice, stories and ideas. A supportive environment to celebrate your interests and connect with like-minded others.

Repair Café

Once a month, Worldschooling Dad Damian will work with kids aged 7 and up to teens to help them with Fix-It Projects of their choice.You can work on anything you want to learn how to repair.

Hands-On Organic Gardening, Seed Potting and Finca-Grown Lunch

A morning exploring organic gardens in beautiful oceanfront Maro and preparing a lunch with freshly picked vegetables from a fully off-grid finca. Participants will make little seedtrays and plant different types of seeds to take home and watch grow. A fun day for kids and adults alike.

Delicious Raw Desserts

Join us for this delicious workshop to learn how to make mouthwatering raw cakes and desserts.

Do not be confused….these cakes will have your kids begging for more and taking to the kitchen to make them themselves…

Bread and Pizza Workshop with Casa Monte Negros

Join Rachael from Casa Monte Negros for this delicious Bread and Pizza Making Workshop. Make the loaf that suits you and your lifestyle and learn to make your own pizza base complete with delicious toppings.

Authentic Moroccan Tagine Cookery Workshop

Join Rachael from Casa Monte Negros for an authentic Tagine workshop. In Morocco, family and friends gather around a tagine to share a meal. This is where stories are told and people sit and spend time with each other, quality time. Learn how to ……..

Authentic Spanish Tapas Workshop with Casa Monte Negros

Join Rachael in her lovely mountain kitchen to learn how to make authentic Spanish Tapas….Vegetarian and/or Meat/Fish are all possible. Using local and seasonal ingredients, participants will be exploring a variety of Spanish tapas dishes from all over Spain.


Have your kids always wanted to create their own music? Join this focused workshop with the vivacious Georgie who will teach participants how to craft a song of their making – lyrics and music included.

DIY Natural Beauty Products

Come to this special workshop with Worldschooling mama, Lucinda Button, and learn how to make your own products for beauty and more, using only natural ingredients.

Science Center Granada Workshop Series

Join us for a one off workshops or a series in this wonderful center with an array of workshops for all ages. The Science Park is a large interactive center which encourages participation in its exhibitions, which are both mostly in Spanish and English. Subjects covered include health, environment, scientific legacy of Andalusian culture, architecture, literature, physics, mechanics, astronomy among others. 

Andalusian Geometric Art

Come learn the basics of the geometry used by the Arabian craftsmen in Andalucia to make the iconic art seen everywhere in the region.

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