Why WorldSchool Hub Andalucia Was Created

Whether on a short or long term travel adventure, or seeking a new home base as we explore the globe, worldschooling families need each other. 

So many of us crave a hub for our worldschooled kids to meet, create, explore and adventure, to learn and play with fun & inspiring friends from all over the world…. and parents need to exhale, rest, catch up on work and to meet up & adventure with other families of like-minds.

Some families are searching for a place to call their home base from which to continue traveling and exploring, some to simply share & imbibe themselves in the cultural experience in true Worldschooler fashion, and others to take a pause with other Worldschooling families on their way through the region…

These needs and more have been answered in Southern Spain with WorldSchool Hub Andalucia! We have had hundreds of families from all over the globe come to visit the Hub since our launch in September 2017 and we continue to welcome families from all over the world to this beautiful corner of Spain.

Whatever their reasons for coming to the Hub, and no matter how diverse they may be in all realms, every family finds something or somebody to ignite their excitement and enhance their travel & life experiences during their stay. While visiting the Hub or attending one of the Hit the Hub seasons, Worldschooling families can soak up a wealth of welcome and an abundance of adventure with each other. 

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