What is Worldschooling?

Worldschooling has many definitions depending on who you are talking to. Each family translates and lives their Worldschooling experience differently. This is part of the joy of it all. It seems that the only commonality is each family’s choice to live and learn outside of the box and using the world as their inspiration usually with hands-on global educational experiences for the whole family.

Worldschoolers may be traditional homeschoolers, unschoolers, radical unschoolers, or they may enroll their children in local schools while they travel. 

Some define Worldschooling as “providing and finding education from the real world. It includes experiences, places and people from all over the globe. The more you can travel, the more destinations and the greater variety of cultures, climates, histories and societies you can explore, the more that education grows. Worldschooling removes teachers, classrooms, schools and set curriculums, it opens doors, opportunities and possibilities.  It gives freedom in education and life. Worldschooling is born through a love of travel and a love of learning about and from the world. There are many versions of worldschooling, some academic, some less so. “

There is a thriving global worldschooling community of hundreds and thousands of families (no, you are not alone or the only ‘crazy’ ones) and numbers of worldschooling families grow daily.

Here are a few more descriptions of Worldschooling:







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