What Does WorldSchool Hub Andalucia Do?

WorldSchool Hub Andalucia brings together diverse but likeminded Worldschooling families in Andalucia to make friends and build relationships between Worldschoolers. 

We facilitate their life-changing adventures and experiences, as well as supporting many Worldschoolers in creating their home bases in Andalucia. 

WorldSchool Hub Andalucia is a Membership organization that helps Worldschooling families to infuse into and to soak up the local culture – we create rich experiential, hands on, immersion and cross cultural experiences in true Worldschooling style for Worldschooling families in Andalucia. 

WorldSchool Hub Andalucia assists Worldschoolers in piecing together their adventures in, and visits to, the region, offering invaluable information and support on an array of subjects that help to enhance & enrichen the adventure and make easier the experience while in Andalucia. 

WorldSchool Hub Andalucia also offers activities, classes, workshops, adventure trips, access to special events and more, giving Worldschoolers a chance to learn and play together, as well giving them a taste of the local culture. These opportunities and collaborations allow Worldschoolers to tap into, and support, the myriad locals who are bursting with talent and who have so many great things to offer both kids and adults alike.

WorldSchool Hub Andalucia is a passion project, and a love-letter to both Worldschooling families and to Andalucia & its people.

What’s Happening

As WorldSchool Hub Andalucia continues to grow, it is our pleasure to offer a delicious selection of workshops, classes, cultural adventures to our Members, and regular meet ups for everyone all over the region.  Here is a selection of what is on offer with many more in the works:


In collaboration with local and traveling talent, we offer an ever-growing menu of ongoing classes for those basing themselves in the area for short or long term stays, as well as classes that can be enjoyed on a one-off or drop-in basis. Click on the photo to find out more.


Our kids (and adults) especially enjoy collaborating and having fun with other Worldschoolers. Click on the photo to see some of the activities on offer. Keep an eye on this space as more and more are added in various parts of Andalucia. Click on the photo to check it all out.


There is a multitude of amazing talent in our local community and worldschooling traveling family. Tapping into that talent, we offer workshops throughout the year, on a one-off and on-going basis. Click on the photo to check out what is currently on offer.

Meet Ups

Whether you are just passing through or here for longer, the weekly meet ups provide an opportunity to get together in an informal setting, where the kids can play and families can hang out with other Worldschooling families from around the globe. See where you can find them by clicking on the photo.

Adventure Trips

Andalucia is a particularly beautiful, diverse and flavorful area of Spain with so much to see and experience – deep history, rich culture, gorgeous nature, breathtaking scenery, and adventures galore to be had. WorldSchool Hub Andalucia loves taking Worldschoolers out and about to experience these wonders from a Worldschooling perspective and with a local, insider’s knowledge …. Check out some of the adventures we go on by clicking on the photo.

Special Events

Andalucia is overflowing with an abundance of exciting things, people and places to discover and experience. Every season and area has wonderful things going on for locals and visitors. Click on the photo to find out a bit more about just a sample of the special events and happenings in the region where Worldschoolers meet.

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