WorldSchool Hub Andalucia has been honored to welcome hundreds of fabulous Worldschooling families from all over the globe since its inception in 2017.  Read just a few of the lovely things some of them had to say about their experiences here in the Hub. 

Thaddeus & Family  (USA)

“Community” is an essential component to being human. We, as a species, have always created it, we need it and we continue to redefine what it means and looks like. Within a safe and dynamic community, young minds open to the experiences that surround them and learn. Upon arriving at the Worldschool Hub Andalusia, our desire and need for community was met. 

My wife and I have two daughters, 11 and 13 years old. As with all young people, they both craved a sense of place after a circuitous journey that landed us in La Herradura. Immediately, they and we were accepted, happy and ready to learn. Within days, our girls were walking to classes alone, meeting friends on the beach and excited for the next adventure. They studied Spanish, painting, singing, circus arts and continued with their independent math, civics and history. Perfectly situated, the hub offers easy access to countless opportunities to learn and explore outdoors, including, SCUBA, snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, caves and many cultural experiences like live music, dance, history, festivals and more. 

What attracts one family, attracts many more. The international representation at the hub plays a key role in its effectiveness. Families, perspectives, stories, cultures, accents, skin tones, beliefs and humor all add to the tasty soup that one sips everyday while there. 

As we humans continue to learn about the brain and how we each learn differently, education will evolve and better opportunities to teach our children will emerge. Worldschool Hub Andalusia is one of those better opportunities that your children will thank you for introducing to the family. 

Naz & Zara (UK)

WorldSchool Hub Andalucia was one of the best traveling choice I’ve made for myself and for my 12 year old daughter. She was reluctant to come here at first and said she’ll feel lonely to be away from home and her friends for 2 whole months. 

On our first beach meetup we were amazed by so many Worldschooling families from different cultures and backgrounds and with all the children and teens and teenagers. I was absolutely thrilled with community that was created here.

We both made connection with couple of families on our first beach meet. We literally made 3-4 friends within first couple of days and met up with them thorough out the week which is so wonderful to have as it’s just me and my daughter and socialising is very important to us both.

We absolutely love being here with so many like minded friendly and warm people. After 2 weeks of being here we’ve decided to extend our stay from 2 months to 3 months and definitely coming back here for the next winter and many other coming winters.


Helen & Family (UK)

When we set off travelling almost two years ago we scoured the internet for places where we thought we might find like minded people and children for our 3 kids to play with… we found WorldSchool Hub Andalucia and planned it into our trip.  After almost eight months in the van with pretty much just ourselves for company we finally got here, to the most beautiful part of the world and were welcomed like old friends into the community. We stayed a month, we left, we returned for six more weeks, we left, we came back for six months! It’s a very special place to be. Every week there are activities for the kids to do and people for us to hang out with, we have all made life long friends and the most amazing memories. WorldSchool Hub Andalucia transformed our Worldschool adventure – we are super grateful for the work Elin has done!

Niamh & Iris (Ireland)

We first heard about WorldSchool Hub Andalucia through Facebook about 3 years ago. Myself and my then 7 year old had been travelling for 2 years and were keen to make connections and find friends with similar lifestyles.  We stayed for 6 weeks in late Autumn 2017 and fell in love with La Herradura and WorldSchool Hub Andalucia’s vision. 

We left to continue travelling and returned a year later in 2018, on arrival we were thrilled at the ease of making wonderful friends through the weekly meetup, whatsapp groups and an assortment of workshops, classes and daytrips that we have thoroughly enjoyed. We returned again in October 2019 and now have La Herradura as our base. I fully appreciate all WorldSchool Hub Andalucia’s membership offers and for the amazing lifelong friendships we have made. It has been truly life-changing. Come join us!

Stacy & Family (USA)

We are so grateful for our time in La Herradura with the Worldschooling Andalucia community!  We are a family of four from Los Angeles, USA and we were two months into our journey when we arrived in La Herradura.  We had sold our house and downgraded our jobs, seeking to spend more time with each other and our kids.  But the transition into worldschooling had been rough.  We had not met anyone in the first two months of travel beyond some casual playground interactions, and our pre-teen (and her parents) really questioned if this had been the right decision for our family.  We arrived in La Herradura, and that turned around.  Our pre-teen was able to make fast friendships with kids her age, participating in many classes like yoga, circus arts and Spanish.  Our five-year-old joined a tribe of little boys running up and down the beach and climbing on the playgrounds.  And we, as parents, were also able to meet others that were leading similar paths and dig into reasons why we wanted this lifestyle.  The community, friendships and conversations we had in La Herradura helped forge what we now think worldschooling is about and what our needs are as individuals and a family on that journey.  We are forever grateful to Elin for building this community!

Sis & Frida (Denmark)

I chose La Herradura because I had read about the Worldschooling community on Facebook. I wanted to go to a place with organized meet ups and where there would be other teenagers. We weren’t let down.  WorldSchool Hub Andalucia had it all! We truly enjoyed the Tuesday meet ups where we got to meet other travelers with lots of different and inspiring stories. My daughter (16 yo) got to meet other teenagers which is really important to her. We only stayed in La Herradura for 24 days but have made long life friends.

Anissa & Family (USA)

We are so grateful for our three months with the Worldschool Hub Andalucia. It was one of our first stops after getting rid of all of our possessions and leaving a neighborhood that we loved just outside of Washington, DC. It was very important to me that we look for community on the road, and we found it in beautiful La Herradura.

I had mostly been concerned about finding playmates for the kids, and we definitely did that. The boys loved impromptu meetings with friends on the beach and at the playground as well as participating in the theatre class, LEGO club, and soccer games organized by the Hub.

What surprised me was how much my husband and I loved the Hub, too. My husband improved his Spanish quite a bit in the adult classes. We loved participating in some of the family field trips and special events like the Halloween Party. The Tuesday Meetups were not just a chance for the kids to play—they were a chance for us to hang out with our friends and chat with like-minded people from all over the world. And just like the kids, we had impromptu meetings with our friends, too, at the cafés and bars in town.

Thanks to Worldschool Hub Andalucia, we all made what I am certain will be lifelong friends in La Herradura, and we can’t wait to return to what I know will be one of our home bases.

Anna & Family (USA)

WorldSchool Hub Andalucía became an invaluable resource and foundation for me and my family during our extended stays in the Costa Tropical.  We were immediately welcomed into the community and grew friendships and connections during the weekly meetups.  I loved that we could choose from a number of wonderful workshops, classes and experiences for our two sons (ages 10 and 15) to participate in, as well as for the parents.  And it’s been so rewarding to watch our family blossom and thrive because it. The Hub really helped us to establish a sense of home and community in Spain and for that we are truly grateful.

Jairo & Family (Columbia & Brazil)

I’m Jairo from Colombia. We have a family of 3 children of 14, 12 and 10 years old and the 5 of us live in Brazil. We all speak good Spanish and Portuguese.

My family and I went on September 2019 to La Herradura, Andalucia, Spain, with the idea of getting to know the Worldschooler Hub located there. We were  surprised with the fact that most of the people participating on the Hub speaks English and not Spanish and at the beginning this language barrier was challenging, but after a while, it became an opportunity to have our kids learning another language through the best way there is for that, which is having to speak and understand, in order to communicate. 

Our experience during the 45 days we stayed in La Herradura participating of the Hub was amazing. Now our kids understand and speak a lot more in English than ever before. We’ve got to know lots of people from different countries, with kids on the same ages as ours and had great and harmonious relationships with the Hub’s participants, making good friends that have a similar way of living and thinking as us. 

All of this was possible because WorldSchool Hub Andalucia facilitated things for us. 

Also, the small town of La Herradura is an amazing and beautiful place to be at and we fell in love with the people and the town. We will definitively go back to visit La Herradura and participate on the Hub activities. 

Charity & Family (USA & Germany) One of the most challenging parts of traveling for our family is lack of community.  What Elin has created in La Herradura is unlike anything we’ve found on our travels.  The sense of community and friendship is amazing. There are classes and meetups for every age and interest. In fact, after the first one, my daughter (12) already had new best friends and a weekly sleepover date. We visited La Herradura solely for The Hub and we were not disappointed. In fact, our planned trip of 2 months has turned into 6 because we love it so much. There’s just nothing like being surrounded by like-minded people.

If you have visited WorldSchool Hub Andalucia and have had a great visit here, please feel free to email us a few lines so others can know about your experience:

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