Membership Overview

Why Membership?

WorldSchool Hub Andalucia was intended to always be as free and accessible as possible to all world schooling families, but has already grown past our wildest dreams and continues to grow and expand its reach to more than 3,000 Worldschooling families focused on Andalucia, with more turning their interest to this gorgeous corner of the world every day. With this number of people being served, both online and on the ground, and with the desire to keep the activities small and manageable, but to be able to offer amazing resources and opportunities for everyone, it has become necessary to institute a modest membership fee.  

This fee helps to cover the costs of running the website and the administrative side of the Hub, as well as the time and commitment to bring myriad resources and support, classes, workshops, activities and more and to ensure that our Hub and its families are served with integrity and professionalism, as well as the love we feel. 

What you get:

  • Access to the Members and Families of the WorldSchool Andalucia Hub and the opportunity to make rich friendships locally and globally
  • Access to the local Member’s Only WhatsApp groups – One Main Group and several age-related activity Groups which provide invaluable local information, support and impromptu activity and meet up information.
  • Access to all Members Only Classes, Workshops, Events, Activities & Adventure Trips
  • Special Members Only Discounts when offered on some Activities and Special Events
  • Opportunity to promote your business, service, product, blog to the WorldSchool Hub Andalucia members and other Worldschoolers at a very modest price in the WSHA Marketplace
  • Participation in Members Only Group Buys (such as Organic Local Produce and More)
  • Personal online, and in-person, support for navigating your stay in, your move to, and/or your experience in Andalusia from the WorldSchool Hub Andalucia Team. 

How to Pay:

Membership can be purchased using Paypal or Stripe. You do not need to have an account with either company to use these systems. They are fully secured and safe to use.