Hub Guidelines

WorldSchool Hub Andalucia has fast become a large vibrant collection of wonderful families from all walks of life and parts of the world, on all kinds of different journeys.  We have realized that in order to ensure a safe and healthy space for our members both in person and online, it is important for us to put in place some guidelines and expectations for general behavior and respect for both adults and children in our community.

We therefore ask that every person, Member or Non Member, reads, agrees, respects and adheres to these Guidelines if they want to participate in our community both online and in person. If you do not feel you are able or willing to abide by these Guidelines, or do not think that you can hold your children to these standards, we will respectfully ask you not to be part of our community of Worldschoolers.

Thank you for your consideration and understanding!

Please familiarize yourself with the following:

    • Parents must be responsible for their children when playing in a group environment. You must remain present and aware of how your child is interacting with others. If your child comes into conflict with other children, it is your responsibility to either remove your child from the situation or assist them in resolving the conflict.
    • If your child is prone to anger or has difficulty managing his/her emotions you must remain close by to intervene and help your child diffuse when necessary.
    • No foul language will be accepted from children.
    • No physical or psychological/emotional bullying of any kind. We have a zero tolerance policy on this.
    • No rough play that endangers any participants or bystanders.
    • Children must be reminded that topics of a sensitive nature such as sex, drugs, rape, war, horror, porn, terrorism, and anything that is in the news that could potentially scare other children, should not be discussed unless it is known that everyone in that group has knowledge of the topic, and since that is hard to ascertain, we ask that in general these topics are approached carefully or not at all. Many children in our community are not aware of the details of topics of this nature, or are young, and it should not be assumed that these topics are acceptable for them to be hearing about, especially from the mouths of other children who cannot always fully understand what they are discussing.
    • It is understood that photos and videos will often be taken of our gatherings, workshops etc. If you do not wish yourself or your child to be in these photos that may be shared on social media and various blogs and websites, please make sure your preference is known by Worldschooling Andalusia or the photographers in question.
    • We are a diverse group in myriad ways. While vastly different perspectives and beliefs are to be expected and welcomed, please ensure that you and your children are always respectful and considerate of your fellow Worldschoolers in all ways.

Please also note that all parents/guardians are fully responsible for personal safety for themselves and their children at all times and in all circumstances. WorldSchool Hub Andalucia and it’s administrators are in no way liable or responsible for you or your children. By taking part in any meet ups, workshops, classes, adventure trips or any other events organized by or through WorldSchool Hub Andalucia, you acknowledge that you take full responsibility for yourselves and all those under your care.


WorldSchool Hub Andalucia reserves the right to deny entry to any Classes, Workshops, Projects, Adventure Trips,  and Meet Ups if it is felt that these Guidelines are not being adhered to or are being abused in any way.