We know you are overflowing with all kinds of questions about WorldSchool Hub Andalucia, so we have compiled a list of frequently asked  questions with their answers easily accessible for you.

If you do not find your question or answer here, please feel free to email us at hello@worldschoolhubandalucia.com

What does WorldSchool Hub Andalucia Do?

WorldSchool Hub Andalucia brings together diverse but like-minded Worldschooling families in Andalucia to make friends and build relationships.  WorldSchool Hub Andalucia is a membership organization that helps Worldschooling families to infuse into and to soak up the local culture – we create rich experiential, hands-on, immersion and cross-cultural experiences for Worldschooling families in Andalucia.

Read more here: https://www.worldschoolhubandalucia.com/what-does-wsha-do/


Why was WorldSchool Hub Andalucia Created?



How Does the Hub Work?

Please click here to read more about how the Hub works and how you can join us: https://www.worldschoolhubandalucia.com/how-the-hub-works/


How Can I Join the Hub & Come Visit? 

You can join the Hub Membership here: https://www.worldschoolhubandalucia.com/membership/ and then plan your visit! We recommend coming during one of the ‘Hit the Hub’ sessions (details coming soon) for the maximum experience both at the Hub and in Andalucia, but if that isn’t possible, then the Hub is open almost all year. Worldschooling families are most always here and there are always some kinds of activities and classes, meet ups and more happening.


Is Worldschool Hub Andalucia a ‘Free Democratic Community’ or a Commune? 

No. WSHA is a community-based business, with a specific vision, mission and focus, managed from the heart, but with specific guidelines and ways of operating. Members participate and contribute in many ways.


Do WSHA Members Live Together? 

No. Members find their own rental accommodation or utilize campsites or various wild camping options in the area, including the beach for short periods out of high season. If you need help with finding accommodation, please contact Irina at Living Andalucia. You can Private Message her here at https://www.facebook.com/livingandalucia or contact her via WhatsApp +5492615065695 – let her know you are with WorldSchool Hub Andalucia!


Is WSHA a Commune? 

No. WSHA is a community of people who have a common interest and passion about Worldschooling and exploring the world we live in. It is not a commune. 


Is WSHA a School? 

No. WSHA is a community/Hub for Worldschoolers. We hold meet-ups, run classes and workshops among other things but we are NOT a school.


What is Worldschooling?  

Please click here to learn more about being a Worldschooler: https://www.worldschoolhubandalucia.com/what-is-worldschooling/


Is there a WSHA Building or Land? 

No. WSHA meet in different places in and around la Herradura, but we do not have a dedicated building or land at this time.


Can I park my Caravan/Camper at the Hub? 

No. There is no hub building or land where you can park. However, there are campsites in and around la Herradura and wild camping is possible in some places nearby including the beach out of high season and for short periods of time. We have many van families come through and all seem to find great places that work for them.


When is the Hub Active? 

The hub is active nearly all year – we have a few weeks off over Christmas and New Year from meet-ups, but there are courses, classes, workshops and activities throughout the year.  Adventure Trips and other activities happen at different times and some are seasonal. The concentration of activities, and visiting families however, will now happen during our ‘Hit the Hub’ seasons, twice a year. More details about Hit the Hub coming soon.


What Language Does Everyone Speak at the Hub? 

Our common language is English since our members come from literally all over the world, but people at the Hub speak many languages – it comes with the territory of Worldschooling. Most of the classes and workshops are in English, except, of course, Spanish classes and a few of the others we offer.


Can I Just Show Up? 

Yes, but we don’t recommend it. It is better to be in touch with us through the Facebook page or email to let us know you are coming so we can help to guide and advise you. We do ask that you inform us before attending a meet up that you want to join us. Membership is strongly recommended in advance to enable us to guide and support you as you plan your visit to the Hub, answer your myriad questions, help you find accommodation, understand the region and culture and to get you connected to all the other families in the Hub. You can find out more about Membership here: https://www.worldschoolhubandalucia.com/membership/


Why do I Need to Join the Membership? 

Membership is necessary to take part in any of the classes, workshops, activities and adventure trips. It is also necessary to join the WhatsApp group, which facilitates meeting other world schooling families, being supported and guided, receiving local information and help as well as being aware of, and/or creating impromptu activities and meet ups that are not on the calendar. Additionally You can read more here: https://www.worldschoolhubandalucia.com/membership/


Can I Homeschool/Unschool in Spain? 

While the Spanish constitution is open to interpretation and does not specifically say that home or unschooling is illegal, in Andalucia it is treated as such and is not therefore recommended. There are families that homeschool and unschool here, but it is a tricky road to navigate. If you are passing through and not staying longer than 90 days, you are fully within your legal right to homeschool here since you are under the jurisdiction of another country.  We just ask that you are respectful of the situation for other members and not make yourself too prominent in the village and other local, populated areas before 2pm (when kids get out of school). We often hold informational video call sessions to better help families understand the law and culture around home/unschooling in Andalucia. If you would like to join one of these sessions, and if you have questions, please email us at hello@worldschoolhubandalucia.com


If I am not an EU citizen and do not Hold an EU Passport, Can I Stay Longer than 90 days in Spain/Schengen? 

No. If you are not an EU citizen, then you can only stay in Spain or a combination of the Schengen countries up to a maximum of 90 days. Breaking this and being caught can incur a heavy fine and a 3-5 year ban from entering Schengen countries in the future. You can find much more information on this by Googling your specific questions.


What is the Weather like in Andalucia? 

You can read about the weather in Andalucia here: http://www.andalucia.com/weather/index.php and we would recommend doing a Google search of average weather temperatures in Andalucia and also the 10 day forecasts to help you know what to expect.


What Clothing Should I Bring? 

It depends on the season you are coming. See the notes on weather above. Layers are always good and remembering that in the Winter temperatures inside the dwellings tend to be colder than outside. Also remember that with things changing in the weather patterns globally, temperatures and weather can change from the norm in Andalucia. In Winter, you can ski in the Sierras and swim in the Mediterranean in the same day, so a mixture of clothing is important if you want to enjoy both.


Do I need Adapters for my Computer/Electronics? 

This depends on where you are coming from. You can Google search to find the compatibility between your country and Spain in terms of plugs and voltage.


Do I Need a Car? 

It is HIGHLY recommended to rent a car while in Andalucia. While there is some public transportation, it is not as frequent as many parts of the world, nor does it go to many parts of Andalucia. You will need a car for ease of getting shopping supplies, attending events and trips, and exploring the amazing array of nature, villages, beaches, mountains, cities and so much more. Car rental is not expensive most of the year in Andalucia. See below for more details.


Can I Find Food for Specific Diets in the Area? 

There are plenty of specialist and general shops and markets where you can find gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and organic food. A growing number of restaurants cater for specific diets. There will be a a section on this in our Ebook coming soon.


How do I Rent a Car? 

There are tricks to renting a car in Andalucia and it can be very inexpensive, especially the longer you are staying. You can read more about it on the Facebook page by putting in a search for keywords and/or by buying our super helpful Ebook – Navigating Andalucia – which will be published shortly.


Is there Public Transportation? 

In some places. Buses run up and down the coast and into the bigger towns and cities. Some go inland to the bigger towns but there are no trains East of Malaga (where La Herradura & the Costa Tropical lie) and relying on public transportation is not recommended. 


Which Airport do I Fly Into? 

Malaga (AGP). Granada also has a small airport but not many international flights come in there and it is likely to be more expensive.


Is Summer a Good Time to Come to the Hub? 

Not really, but it depends. The weather is extremely hot, so many cannot handle this heat. The area also becomes a different place in July and especially August when the whole of Spain descends upon the villages and coast for their annual holidays. Prices are 4x what they are the rest of the year, parking is challenging and the laid back peaceful vibe of the area changes dramatically.  The flip side of that is that there are tons of people in high spirits and full of energy and there are lots of things to do that are not usually available the rest of the year like the water park, ocean bouncy houses, all the bars & restaurants are open late, lots more live music and so on.  Please note, we do not hold Hub meet ups or classes & activities for most of July and August and many/most of the Hub Members leave the area.


Are there Other Hubs Somewhere in the World?

Yes! We currently have two Hubs in Morocco (one in the Sahara and one in Essaouira) in addition to the Hub in Andalucia. Find out more about the Morocco Hub here: www.worldschoolhubmorocco.com and the Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/595048974661510/ 

We also have a WorldSchoolHubs website: www.worldschoolhubs.com and Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WorldSchool-Hubs-110973610321013/ where you can keep informed about these Hubs and others that are currently in development.


How Can I Stay in Touch with Hub News?

Please feel free to add your email address to our mailing list by clicking in the opt-in box below. We only send out newsletters (starting February 2020) to these addresses and do not abuse your privacy in any way.


Does the Hub have a Facebook Page?


For Andalucia: https://www.facebook.com/groups/328380494284204/

For Morocco: https://www.facebook.com/groups/595048974661510/

For WorldSchool Hubs in General: https://www.facebook.com/WorldSchool-Hubs-110973610321013/


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