Costa Jump Granada – Preteens & Teens

Join us for this new fun afternoon at Costa Jump – a mega trampoline park extravaganza IN GRANADA! For Pre Teens and Teenagers.

Join other pre-teens and teens every two weeks for a mega trampolining and other mega game session in Granada (city) either in combination with Ice Skating, or booked separately.
This is a session for the youth only. We ask that parents not hang around and watch so that the teenagers can have teen-time.
This place is insane! Endless fun….they also have an array of additional games on a grand scale to delight all the preteens and teens….
We are adding this activity as a second level of FUN in Granada by combining the event with ice skating earlier in the afternoon. See the Ice Skating section to book for that one –
We would suggest that participants eat a bigger lunch before ice skating and have only snacks in the hour between skating and trampolining! 
Car pooling from La Herradura can be arranged to facilitate this event without everyone having to take the trip up.


WHEN:   Every other Wednesday 4pm to 5pm
AGES: Pre-teens and Teens Only. WorldSchool Hub Andalucia Members.
PRICE:   €9 for 1 hour session…..If you do not bring socks, they will charge an extra €2 to sell you a pair as they are compulsory. PLEASE NOTE: If 10 or more participants take part, the price drops to €8.50 per hour
Cash paid to WSHA representative on arrival please
WHERE:  C.C. Granaita C/ Alfred Hitchcock S/N 18197 in Las Pulianas Mall
HOW TO RESERVE:  Please Use Booking Form Below…





Jan 2020


16:00 - 17:00






Granada, Spain


Nikki Marquist