Alexander Technique – Thursdays

Come and experience more freedom and flexibility in your movements and in your thinking!

What is the Alexander Technique?

For over a hundred years, the Alexander Technique has brought benefits to hundreds of thousands of people. Founded upon the concepts and discoveries of Frederick Matthias Alexander, the Alexander Technique has evolved into one of the most powerful tools available today for personal growth and development.

Who was FM Alexander?

Frederick Matthias Alexander (1869 – 1955) was an Australian recitationist who, in the process of overcoming his own difficulties with vocal production, began a life-long study of thinking in relation to movement and human performance.

Originally focussing on breathing and vocal production, Alexander expanded his work over the years. He found that the principles and the disciplines he employed to improve his breathing and vocal production also brought about improvement in his students’ general condition and standard of performance in all activities.

By learning to direct the power of his conscious mind, Alexander was able to achieve his full potential and to help others achieve their potential as well.

The Interactive Teaching Method (ITM)

Learning to think with more reason and reasoning creates more energy-efficient ways of moving, and that helps with everything in life: from everyday tasks, such as sitting, walking and speaking, to specialised activities, such as singing or playing instruments, as well as giving you more skill and stamina in things like sports and martial arts.

If you’d like to know more about this “new way of living” – as Alexander called it himself – come join a session soon. The workshop will be taught in English (German, French or Spanish available upon request).


WHEN:   Thursdays 11.00am to 1.00pm
Additional times and days available if this workshop is full.
AGES: Adults. Members. Only 6 places per session.
PRICE:   By Donation…(suggested donation €15 but pay what feels right to you….)
WHERE:  La Herradura. Location to be shared upon booking.
HOW TO RESERVE:  Please Use Booking Form Below

Note: Please email if the class is full and you would like to inquire about a second workshop, day or time.




Stefanie Mohsenia
The principles of Frederick Matthias Alexander have been my companion for the past eight years, and every day I discover with much enthusiasm what I can do more easily and how I can enjoy life even more. Each discovery is another step towards freedom. (WARNING: You don’t necessarily need to give up your bricks & mortar home and start living on the road like I did, but don’t come if you don’t want change in your life!)



Jan 2020


11:00 - 13:00




La Herradura
La Herradura, Almunecar, Granada, Spain


Elin Morgan